MiXx Lounge presents…. Poet Spotlight

Here at MiXx we’ll be featuring talented poets from across the country. Whether the topic is love, strength, life, spirituals, memoirs, or humor we are open to submissions of your work.
This week’s spotlight goes to:

Empty Frames

I feel the raindrops calling for a solution. But not matter how many fell, I couldn’t produce one. So many come and go. Whether they stay after the flood or move with the flow. Some stay awhile and others for a season. No matter the occasion they all left for a reason. I put them first bc of promises or false hope of no pain. Sadly enough they couldn’t weather the storm so they left me the rain. This for some, is nothing but a game. How many tears must fall before I’m filled shame. Man trust me I hate this feeling, and yall know its lame. Maybe its a reoccuring mistake that I’m not learning from. It happens repeatedly like sticks beating a drum. So for trying does this make me dumb? For me to look here and search there but it never come. Leave me stuck in situations wit nothing to say but umm. Speechless when I realize their true form. Hurts when someone for a extended time pulls your arm. My bad if I thought love was suppose to be fun. But its fine, due to trial and error, my heart’s numb. So many Bad choices leaves me to make just one. Sorry to those who filled out the application to receive. My words is from personal experience so take heed. Try all you want but in the end, you do the opposite of aide. See Love can be sweetest but its cut is the deepest like from a blade. Long after the smiles go away their are sleepless nights and stormy days. Truly Funny how portraits capture love ones and memories made. You know the Type of things you will keep always and never trade. But many do realize that over time pictures fade and all that is left are empty frames. Guess, this mean I have proof that people change


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