Who’s paging me on my beeper?!

When it comes to fashion it’s all the about the little details and rare trinkets you can sport. Recently I’ve spotted some people actually bringing back the beeper. Remember pagers/ beepers were used for letting someone know to contact you by using different codes. You had clear beepers, black beepers, colorful cases for beepers, and different color LED screens. beeper 4

It became more of an accessory than a actual need once cell phones were introduced. Question, what carrier can I get my pager covered under in 2014? I guess the biggest concern is if the pagers actually work. Who cares! I love old school trinkets and devices. I think it’s cool just to add a little jazz to one of my old school 80s or 90s get up.beeper 5 Famous eyewear designer Vintage Frames Corey Shapiro has mass produced all black beepers that have “NOTORIOUS” in gold written on top. It’s cool, its retro, its dope. Some will beg to differ. What are your thoughts?

beeperWho remembers beeper gum?!


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