Hood by Air [HBA] x Forfex Pre-Spring 2015 preview boots got everyone questioning. Who? What? and Why? People are calling it the “Timbauraches” from seeing the Timberland and Nike’s Huarache design in it. We think that’s one hell of a MiXx. These are not for the weak ‘fashionistas’ and ‘fashionistos’.

We’ll keep you updated of what’s to come from this mean collaboration.

hba boots 2

Yeezy announces the YEEZY 3s

Last night at a concert in Perth, Australia, Kanye West told the crowd during one of his famous monologues that his adidas shoe will be releasing in November. Furthermore he went ahead called it the Yeezy 3 and also mentioned that it will be fairly widely available, so that as many of his fans as possible will have a chance to try them on or purchase a pair. Continue reading “Yeezy announces the YEEZY 3s”

I SPY :: women’s edition

Summer is closing up ladies and here’s your last chance to rock those open toe heels and shear tops. We did a little spying and found various cute post summer items. If you live in Miami or any topical place…LUCKY YOU! Now we can start rocking sweaters with shorts and combat boots. Beware of the chills!




On a muggy sunny afternoon, I caught up with an Augusta, GA  photographer by the name of Hare. What attracted me to his portfolio was seeing the grungy effect on shoots of random objects. In my opinion, it added some sort of drama or story to his work. Hare walked in ready to shoot and ready converse on his inspirations and what started his whole Harerrorism movement. Over a bowl of French onion soup, I was all ears.

hare 11

What made you start doing photography?

I’ll say being away from my parents when I moved to Atlanta. I was roaming around and seeing different things. Not having an device to hold those memories and capture those moments.

So you’re saying getting out of Augusta, GA and seeing an new scenery the culture, the fashion, and architecture inspired you?

Yes… yup.

What are some things you would like to see change with photography in Augusta?

I’d like to see more people just be more creative because a lot of people I see or meet you know… I commend. I’m far from cocky but I feel as far as photographers here their creativity… they ain’t got it. They have the equipment or the subjects and even the scenery but they don’t have the vision.

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