On a muggy sunny afternoon, I caught up with an Augusta, GA  photographer by the name of Hare. What attracted me to his portfolio was seeing the grungy effect on shoots of random objects. In my opinion, it added some sort of drama or story to his work. Hare walked in ready to shoot and ready converse on his inspirations and what started his whole Harerrorism movement. Over a bowl of French onion soup, I was all ears.

hare 11

What made you start doing photography?

I’ll say being away from my parents when I moved to Atlanta. I was roaming around and seeing different things. Not having an device to hold those memories and capture those moments.

So you’re saying getting out of Augusta, GA and seeing an new scenery the culture, the fashion, and architecture inspired you?

Yes… yup.

What are some things you would like to see change with photography in Augusta?

I’d like to see more people just be more creative because a lot of people I see or meet you know… I commend. I’m far from cocky but I feel as far as photographers here their creativity… they ain’t got it. They have the equipment or the subjects and even the scenery but they don’t have the vision.

It’s like they want quantity over quality…

Yea it’s like they want to stick to what’s hot. Like yea contribute to what’s hot but don’t stay there. I don’t even use a lot locations anymore cause they use and abuse that.

Explain the VSCO movement.

The impact that VSCO Cam has had so far is like none other  From collaborations with music artists to clothing brands to various blogs. It’s amazing. The app is so convenient to those always on the move with their phones in their hands. Whether you’re strictly an iPhone photographer (iPhoneographer) or you solely shoot with a DSLR like myself, the VSCO Cam app comes in handy. I find it to be less time consuming than sitting in front of my MacBook for hours with Photoshop open, adjusting the tones and adding a fade effect to my photos when it can be easily and quickly done through the app. It’s all about what you prefer.

What is your best type of work to shoot? People, objects, or different concepts?

I’ll say nature. I like shooting people but not all time

Why? Too many rules?

[Chuckles] It’s like with people man…. verses shooting an cup of tea. You can shoot the cup of tea and don’t have to worry about the tea making crazy poses and then asking you after every photo “let me see that photo” “oh I don’t like that photo”. It’s like damn man really. I feel more comfortable with shooting nature. One thing with nature is I’m so attached to nature. I would get in my car and drive somewhere and shoot.

What is your opinion on fashion today?

On fashion today… [laughs] I can’t say that I’ve always truly had an fashion sense like getting into high end. I’m so basic. When it comes to shoes its an different story. I’m a shoe lover.

It’s too different, too much leather… prints…

Awww man too much leather and prints… straight flamingos. [laughs]

What do you think about the whole hipster movement?

What do hipsters even wear now? It has changed so much over the years. I feel like if people dressed like how they actually feel they are some crazy and depressed ass motherfuckers man. [laughs] That’s just my honest opinion.

If there was on celebrity you could work with who would it be?

I would say…. that’s tough man. Can I get two?

Sure give me two.

I would say Travis Scott and The Weeknd.

Why The Weeknd?

The Weeknd is like my favorite artist. During a certain time in my life his music just related to me.

Do you feel like The Weeknd inspires your photography?

It does… it does I’ve had people actually say that before. The signature look I have now with the whole darkness and all. It could be something in the daytime but it can still be dark, grungy, and urban. It’s kind of what his [The Weeknd] music portrays.


Here’s an preview of Hare’s work:



Continue to follow his work on instagram : xxharerrorismxx


Thank us later!


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