Does my body make me beautiful?!

What is the perfect body? For women, some will argue the waist to hip ratio must resemble a coke bottle. For men, others will say a well defined structure. In your eyes…. what is the perfect body structure?


Growing up I was always a petite individual and with how active I was, I didn’t long for anything more. Continue reading “Does my body make me beautiful?!”

YeezyInspired.| Ladies

Did some scouting and picked out some basic get-ups to add to your closet. Bring your Yeezus style home!!!

Yeezy Inspired

What can we take from Kanye’s S/S 16 showcase?


At this years New York fashions week, Kanye left a lot of viewers a bit… confused. Why confused? I think you know why. My job is to not get lost in the masses’ confusion but to appreciate the art of the collection. Continue reading “What can we take from Kanye’s S/S 16 showcase?”

Couple’s Sage

Couple's Sage