How to let my spirit dress for me?

tumblr_mlxaiwNucC1qdpv23o1_500         Who are we really? I find a lot of times people my age, 20-25 years old, are constantly reinventing themselves. At one point, it’s a classy and polish style then next it’s on to a eccentric and earthy get up. How about the street fashion and skater boy look but then on to the tailored classic man trend. Do our clothes really define us?  If I’m an name brand fanatic, is it ok to become a dashiki wearer now? Is it all about fitting in with the trend or are we still trying to find ourselves?

But am I letting my spirit dress for me or am I secretly a trend watcher?

        I personally have days where I want to dress like an tomboy, wearing grey sweat shorts and a loose t-shirt finished off with a snapback. Then other days, I love to put on my African prints or a really form fitting dress with dazzling accessories. I truly feel in my heart I’m in love with the free spirit and hipster look. I love nature and creative fabrics so I always relate to the bohemian trend. But am I letting my spirit dress for me or am I secretly a trend watcher? With time, we all grow into our own selves and choose what best suites us and our career. I think its amazing to see someone who wears a suit and tie everyday but off work they are a grunge punk rocker. Maybe that’s who we truly are.

               How about you? Have you came across a style you absolutely admire but you’re too afraid to try it out? For instance, can you change your street wear obsession to a vibrant patterned hippie style? What’s stopping you from letting your spirit dress you?


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