We are the NEW AMERICA

We are here live & direct
Fearless & Brave
Outspoken & Deliberate
Bright & Loudcatherine-malandrino-0703bsc-4251

Baby boomers have surpassed their peak so we are here as the Millennials. We’re constantly looking around trying to make sense of the political agendas thrown at us. We’re bringing back fades and creating statements outta them. With the world at our fingerprints in this age of technology, we are taking power into our own hands. We are standing our grounds on social media to bring justice. We are fearless to march the streets and protests for our rights. While doing all of this, we are breaking the agendas on gender roles.

We are standing our grounds on social media to bring justice.B9315260010Z_1_20141125121659_000+GPE983ANB_1-0

Women are triumphing and making just as much as men. Entrepreneurship has become a goal amongst young teens. The term “Be your own Boss” has not been taken lightly. Many have grown and watched their parents struggle through economic corruptions. Some of us have suffered the absent of a parent. While others have lost their homes due to natural disasters. Hashtags and blogs have become our voices of today’s issues. We are revamping the world! We are fighting through the label of being “wild”. We are here as the Millennials.american-flag-fashion-girl-green-hair-Favim_com-622674


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  1. sophlewis01 says:

    Love it!! My last post is about millennial too!! You’re welcome to read 🙂
    Pretty Little Lewis | the face of 2015


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