art talk | Michael Demby


As an admirer of art, I love tapping into the different forms & mediums of this broad genre. I stumbled across Philly native Michael Demby the owner of UptownGFX. UptownGFX  is  an shop that produces some of the dopest custom auto art there is on the east coast. Thankfully Mr. Demby took the time out his busy day give me this brief interview:

 When did you start custom bike art?

I started airbrushing since 1987 but started painting bikes in 2000.

Where are you from?

Philly….Came here (Atlanta) in ’99.

Do you own any bikes yourself?

Suzuki Hayabusa custom show bike : God of War

Stock: Ninja 636, Yamaha r1, Suzuki GSXR 750…. oh and….. a Cruiser, and a 07 Honda VTX 1800…….Oops That’s 5 But those are all still stock bikes…

Oh ok why did you choose this field of work as a career…. like what inspired you to be a full time artist?

I’ve been an artist all my life, its the only career field I have ever worked in after the age of 19. I could draw since I was old enough to write my name. Art was the only clear choice for me. I start painting t-shirts at 16 in high school. In my 20s, I ran a t-shirt shop in Philly then in my 30s I moved up from t-shirts to cars and autos…still at that to this day……
Are there any artist or celebrity you would love to work with or for?
I have ran into a few over the years, the few I have, weren’t good clients. If u start off the deal with ” paint mine for free…” I usually will lose interest (laughs)12038409_10203648071996978_9133572356814603156_n
What’s your advice to up-coming artist who are afraid to make it a career?

Believe in yourself…if u one else will… and…No matter what…NEVER QUIT! Russell Simmons said “the reason most people fail, is because they quit right before they were about to blow up.” I picked up an airbrush at 16 and I haven’t put it down since…30 years and counting. (smiles)

I’m taking that advice myself lol…..
Check out Michael Demby & his team:
770.374.1922 6456
Old Hillandale Dr. suite B2
Lithonia Ga 30058

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