Does my body make me beautiful?!

What is the perfect body? For women, some will argue the waist to hip ratio must resemble a coke bottle. For men, others will say a well defined structure. In your eyes…. what is the perfect body structure?


Growing up I was always a petite individual and with how active I was, I didn’t long for anything more. I used to see the heavy chested girls hold their breast while playing double dutch and think “thank god that’s not me.” Being a tomboy with girly ways I was relieved that I could jump, run, hop without the any extra skin moving. It wasn’t until I got in high school and around other developed teenage girls that I started to question my look. Looking at celebrities in early 2000s with flat stomachs and petite structures I felt fitted in. Even though the guys around me liked the girls with big breast and butts, I was still satisfied. It seemed like everyone around me was evolving but me. Towards graduation in 2008, big butts were fully IN. I used to look around and say damn my ass is really flat. Lol. Having a boyfriend at the time who was in college made me even more pressured to look more “womanly”. I didn’t know how to embrace my boyish figure anymore so I started wearing…. less. Then I started to receive the wrong attention. I loved how I felt more “womanly” and “feminine” in a fitting dress but I truly got what asked…

Tighter jeans or a looser shirt to hide your extra weight can’t conceal your true emotions.

You ever liked someone and they describe what their dream person would look like and that person looks nothing like you? Yea. Coming from a woman who grew into her insecurities, I can say it hurts to know no matter what you do to alter yourself… you’ll never be happy. Tighter jeans or a looser shirt to hide your extra weight can’t conceal your true emotions. getty_rf_photo_of_overweight_woman_on_scale

I never dated off a type of preference of a man’s body. I grew into believing a person’s beauty is skin deep. My worst experience was dating someone who didn’t like the way I was shaped. With the help of social media thousands of people are at your fingertips everyday. Imagined how it feels to be involved in someone who constantly compares you to other women out there. Or for men how you ever dated someone who constantly pressured you to work out? Its your preference right to be who you are?

We are all beautiful despite what others may think we lack or have too much of. Find it in yourself to love every inch of your skin. Anyone that truly loves you and admire you will appreciate the courage to be yourself. So it’s ok if you feel you’re too skinny wear leggings or you’re too big to wear a certain dress. Men… it’s alright if you’re not buff enough to wear a fitness spandex top or your too overweight to wear certain patterns. Beauty IS skin deep and happiness starts with YOU loving YOU!


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