What can we take from Kanye’s S/S 16 showcase?


At this years New York fashions week, Kanye left a lot of viewers a bit… confused. Why confused? I think you know why. My job is to not get lost in the masses’ confusion but to appreciate the art of the collection. From every runway show you should be able to take a look and incorporate it in to your own. So mmm… how can we make this collection our own?

Lets start with the color scheme…….

yeezy-season-2-review-0-600x360-Human Gradient-

This Yeezy Season you can look forward to nudes, tannish browns, olives making it’s stronger than ever debut with basic layers. These colors give the safari themed idea. I love this color scheme because it allows you look chic or even masculine in soft colors. We’re shying away from autumn’s usually bronzey oranges and too deep browns.


Nude on top of Nude… is actually an good look. Try pairing an nude on top of nude with a dimmed color shoe or bag to close off the “soft look.” Skin like apparel is sexy and displays your curves even better! Do you want to stop traffic?! Wear an fitting dress that’s similar in color with your skin tone with a bright heel! Thank me later honey!

488592136What better way to appear taller than a clear heel. Kim k was spotted wearing the clear chunk heel. I personally I think a clear heel borderline screams “STRIPPER”! Also as a fashion no-no as white heels. Less is more right?! It actually does the opposite and gives off an natural look versus a glittery heel.

untitled (2)

Keep it simple! Eliminate the crazy animal prints and sequins to keep it plain! Let your style show through simplicity. Like I said before… “sometimes less is more.”Ladies oversized shirts and nude like leggings. Men comfortable dimmed colored sweatshirts and pants with matching kicks.


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