reMiXX | Femme Assasins

Who’s was your favorite bad ass female character in the 90s and early ’00s?

Here’s a list of characters I adored!!!!

mystique_romijnMystique?! Mystique deep blue reptile like exterior, canary eyes, and brass hair was one of the baddest characters too come.


Aeon Flux…..

Climbing and soaring through the air in liquid leather I loved her dominatrix look.

How about the tenacious Xena the Pincess Warrior…. Fighting crime and claiming h772d3e27ad4f4b8497f288b0a6c60e0fer fame in exotic tribal mixed with gladiator¬†wear.


Lara Croft…. No one played this character better than Angelina Jolie.01


Lee Loo….

She’s not exactly an female assassin but she’s definitely one of my favorite characters from my FAVORITE movie the Fifth Element.

Have you got any Halloween ideas yet….?! LOL.

Comment below any other characters I should add o the list!


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