All Hail the Queens

  If you weren’t tuned into VH1 tonight they aired an tribute to our lovely ladies of Hip Hop. Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, and Salt n Pepper featuring DJ Spinarella were the honorees. The show was amazing from start to finish and was hosted by the beautiful EVE.

Mixxy |ATL

  MiXxCloth is looking to expand to Atlanta, Georgia in the upcoming months. We’re always looking for fresh talent in the arts, fashion, music, architecture, interior designers, chefs, etc. We are a fashion based blog but we also touch on all areas of creativity. Looking for a platform to showcase your work? Need an voice…

ChiChi Maison | MiXx feat.

Its the dawn of the long tee & layers…. unlike the late 90s to 2000s. This trend is much more saavy & put together with a bit of grunge. I came across the very popular international clothing line called ChiChi Maison.

We’re BACKKKK in the MIXX!!!

After an long holiday hiatus, MIXX is officially back in business! We needed to apply some much needed changes and add a¬†little more flavor. We still will be covering all fashion, music, and arts. Now we’re looking to broaden our audience but still keeping our underground feel. At MIXX, our sole priority¬†is to feature all…