They said you dont wear white after labor day?

Old saying goes… Don’t wear white after Labor Day. I don’t think our generation really cares for old sayings. I’m just saying. It started when a group of upper class women decided to make an set of rules on fashion back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It then of course spreaded and became a staple along with making Labor Day the end of summer fashion. It is said that wearing white helps keeps you cooler so of course with fall on the rise wearing white wouldn’t benefit you… right? It’s 014 and we say bump the rules…. fashion is fashion. White winter parties and fluffy white furs with sparkling jewels make winter fashionable. So don’t listen t your grandma when you walk out the house wearing all white in the fall or winter.

Black Scale 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

Black Scale is getting ready to release it’s much anticipated late season collection. This collection features tads of Aztec prints and star patterns against the dark grudge usual Black Scale look. You’ll see a lot more tailored inspired looks in their sweaters and jackets but still keeping that edgy streetwear feel. We’re definitely feeling the collection which seems a little more laid back from the deep dark meaning tees. What’s your thoughts?

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Put you in the “Fear of God

So where can you shop and dress like Kanye? Look no more it’s Kanye’s favorite designer label Fear of God. You can see all the classic pieces as seen via Kanye, Big Sean, and Drake.

Here’s an preview of the “Fear of God” upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 Looks:
Bombers are back!


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