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Did some scouting and picked out some basic get-ups to add to your closet. Bring your Yeezus style home!!!

Yeezy Inspired

What can we take from Kanye’s S/S 16 showcase?


At this years New York fashions week, Kanye left a lot of viewers a bit… confused. Why confused? I think you know why. My job is to not get lost in the masses’ confusion but to appreciate the art of the collection. Continue reading “What can we take from Kanye’s S/S 16 showcase?”

Couple’s Sage

Couple's Sage

How to let my spirit dress for me?

tumblr_mlxaiwNucC1qdpv23o1_500         Who are we really? I find a lot of times people my age, 20-25 years old, are constantly reinventing themselves. At one point, it’s a classy and polish style then next it’s on to a eccentric and earthy get up. How about the street fashion and skater boy look but then on to the tailored classic man trend. Do our clothes really define us?  If I’m an name brand fanatic, is it ok to become a dashiki wearer now? Is it all about fitting in with the trend or are we still trying to find ourselves? Continue reading “How to let my spirit dress for me?”



Every fashionista and fashionisto must own this very casual item: The Pea Coat. The Pea Coat can any outfit look casual and put to together. The very chic but warm cover up has been documented in 1720s and late became a favorite for  the US Navy. It was item that generally sailors wore to withstand the harsh weather on ships at sea. Today the pea coat is considered  an classic item of America& Europeans fashion. This is a must have piece for every fashion season!

Pea Coat Editiorial

Tweed coat

M Co peacoat coat
$84 –

LE3NO peacoat coat

Etro colorful scarve

Aéropostale boho scarve

Armor Lux Wool Pea Coat – Navy
$280 –

Remus Ferrell Coat
$185 –

aTribe called Trend.

I’m ecstatic that everyone wearing tribal prints and cultural pieces as everyday wear. In the mist of #BlackLivesMatter movement, these uplifting trends are staples that play an major role. From deep royal blues to musty yellows and roaring reds, the colors bounces off any skin tone gracefully.

Some people will argue that its just a trend that will soon blow over. In its defense, I say its amazing to see other cultures embracing our motherland’s cultures background. It opens the doors of enlightment. It helps eliminate the pressure of name brand designers. Like all trends, mainstream is catching on. I say more power to everyone proudly wearing their dashikis, head wraps, and cultured jewelry. May the African influence never die!

All images found through Pintrest!